Serenity Marcus Sterk

CD 3 - Serenity

Alois-Linder-Orgel (2013), Attel

Names which are as melodious as their music: Hugl, Maichelbeck, Murschhauser... These are southern German composers whose works had long remained undiscovered. Incomprehensible as their music expresses vitality and cheerfulness, in short: the "warmth of the southern breath" instead of the "cool air of the northern German organ playing" (AG Ritter) - An expedition to southern German organ building and organ music.

Haydn, Franz Joseph: Marche
Schnizer, Franz Xaver: Sonaten B-Dur und G-Dur
Bühler, Franz: Galanterie Stücke
Nauss, Franz Xaver: Aria tertii toni
Knecht, Justin Heinrich: Toccata
Maichelbeck, Franz Anton: Sonata Quarta
Murschhauser, Franz Xaver: Finale et fuga septimi toni

Label: IFO Classics IFO 00 452

CD 2 - Telemann - Heroic Music

Telemann, Heroic Music and Bach, Organ works​

Bach und Telemann enjoyed a heartfelt and lifelong friendship as could be seen when Telemann became godfather to Bach's second eldest son, Carl Philipp Emanuel, who was born in Weimar in 1714.
In his "Heroic music" Telemann seeks to depict a kind of musical 'code of virtues': each of his twelve marches is titled with one of the character traits shown by courtly heroes. The suggestion here is of French code of social graces of the galant homme or nobleman, who could become truly heroic, maintaining courtly etiquette in all life's situations and upholding a precisely set repertoire of behaior (It is this that our modern word "courteous" originiates). The revealing booklet illuminates differences and commonalities in Bach's and Telemann's lives and works.

Trumpet: Matthew Sadler

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767), Twelve heroic marches
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Largo BWV 1056, Prelude, Andante and Fugue G major BWV 541/528 und Pièce d'orgue BWV 572

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Label: Organum Classics OGM 281010

CD 1 - Portrait of Link organ in Neuburg on the Danube

Link-Organ of Parish Church of the Holy Ghost in Neuburg on the Danube

Johann Sebastian Bach „Allein Gott in der Höh‘ sei Ehr“ BWV 662-664
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Sonata in D
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Orgelsonate Nr. 5 B-Dur op. 65
Olivier Messiaen, Verset pour la fête de la Dédicace
Franz Schmidt, Toccata in C

Label: Organum Classics OGM220019